Saturday, November 21, 2009


Medical skin care can be a confusing array of skin care products, some of which are more "hype" than science.  The Europeons have been in the skin care buisness for decades, and they have shown us the importance of caring for the skin on a daily basis to promote long term skin vitality. 

Key Points to Skin Care
Should be done at least daily, but even better -
morning and night.

1.  A gentle but through cleaning of the skin
2.  A toner to prepare the skin for exfoliation
3.  An Exfoliation Agent (such as a Retinoid or Glycolic Acid) to remove the
     outer layers of the skin and promote healthy regeneration
4.  Plenty of moisture into the skin
5.  A moisturizer to hold the moisture in

We can certainly help you with your skin care needs, using professional products that address your specific skin condition.