Thursday, November 5, 2009


Several years ago, the Federal Trade Commission began to interfere with medical ethics by allowing medical doctors to advertise. Advertising has become a common modality in promoting medical practices, hospitals, drugs, procedures, etc. with the goal of educating and informing the public. One must realize that anyone can pay a fee and advertise and promote themselves. As my mentor, Dr. Ralph Millard has written, "A good reputation is gained by good results, by honest and dedicated service to patients and by respect of colleagues and patients. This takes time and has to be earned. Advertising is available immediately to anyone willing to pay for it, regardless of their skill or training. Many plastic surgeons that advertise claim merits unearned, skills not present and results never attained". The public must realize that there is no state or national law that limits a doctor as to what he can do in his office facility. We do have strict hospital by-laws that prevent inadequately trained doctors from performing procedures in a hospital or accredited out-patient ambulatory facility. Success in any career calls for special talent and specific training. There are no short-cuts when it comes to plastic surgery.