Saturday, November 7, 2009


I strive to promote ethical, exceptional surgical and medical care for my patients. Proper pre-operative evaluation and diagnosis is essential in picking the correct procedure, or just as important, realizing that a surgical procedure is not necessary. Even though many patients think they need cosmetic surgery, many do not, and only require a gentle reassurance that they do not need, nor should they expect, to look like that model on the cover of "Cosmopolitan Magazine". Medical ethics should take top priority and should be in-grained in the minds of any cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon or for any other medical doctor. The Hippocratic Oath teaches us "First do no Harm". In order to abide by this oath, we must first realize that we are not "supermen" and we all have limitations. This applies to surgery and life in general. We need to have proper training in any procedure, not a week-end course. We need to use innovation to solve problems and be flexible in our thinking. As a plastic surgeon, I want to stay involved in the care of hospital patients and support my colleagues in other specialities when they have patients with problems requiring plastic surgical expertise. We need to continue to enhance our craftsmanship in order to do the very best for our patients. Continuing medical education is critical in maintaining our edge, no matter what field we are in. There will always be set-backs in life and in plastic surgery. By maintaining trust, balance and always having a eye toward the end result, these set-backs can be energized into a positive victory. Let the hard work and fun begin!