Saturday, January 15, 2011


A board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in treating adolescents has written a book to help teens and their parents make responsible decisions about plastic surgery. Dr. Frederick Lukash said he refuses to perform procedures on teens who have unrealistic expectations or who do not seem to understand the risks and limitations of surgery. "Plastic surgery is not the panacea for teen angst," Lukash wrote.

■Bullying can lead teens to consider plastic surgery
About 90,000 teenagers had cosmetic surgery in 2007, with some doing so to improve their self-esteem or avoid bullying. Teens most commonly seek rhinoplasty, breast reduction or augmentation, Botox injections or ear tucks. Plastic surgeons and psychiatrists worry about the potential trend. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo said he sees "a fair amount" of these cases but that his "preference is, of course, to work out the issues first, the bullying, the teasing. But there are certain situations where people are mature enough. And surgery is a final resort." ABC News (1/12)