Sunday, February 28, 2010


According to the Los Angeles Times, Lydia Carranza, a mother of three and a grandmother of two, was shot in the chest while at work in a dental office. On July 1st, she was sitting at the front desk of Family Dental Care in Simi Valley performing her normal duties.  The husband of one of her co-workers stormed into the office with a semi-automatic weapon and shot Ms. Carranza.  The intended target was his wife, who had recently asked for a divorce. Normally, this would not have made news beyond the local community. In Ms. Carranza's case, it is speculated that the the breast implant absorbed much of the bullet's impact, sparing her from injury to her heart and other vital organs. According to Scott Reitz, a firearms instructor and deadly-force expert witness with 30 years experience with the LAPD, it is plausible that the implant interrupted the velocity of the projectile.  However, Mr. Reitz further added "I don't want to say a boob job is the equivalent of a bulletproof vest, so don't go getting breast enhancements as a means to deflect a possible incoming bullet."