Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dimensional Nipple-Areolar Tattooing

Vinnie Myers, tattoo artist based at "Little Vinnie's Tattoos" in Finksburg, Maryland, has taken nipple areolar tattooing to a new level.

Myers takes time and effort to create realistic, 3D replicas by matching skin tone and selecting shape and location. Careful shading guarantees that each set of tattoos, like each survivor, is unique.
“Every patient or case that comes in is kind of like a small engineering feat, because we have to tailor the process to meet their specific needs based on incision patterns, skin or flap thickness and if they’ve had radiation or not,” said Trent Wyczawski, tattoo artist with the team. “Most women are very excited and are ready to make it a fun day. It’s the last step in the [healing] process.”
Since the endeavor began, the team has successfully tattooed thousands of women from all over the world. Wyczawski was carefully selected by Myers as part of his tattooing trio, which also includes artist Paul Bessette. Members of the team are now traveling outside of Maryland to make the service available to more women nationwide.