Saturday, February 23, 2013


A Chinese man is suing his veterinarian for 880,000 yuan (over $140,000) after his male Tibetan Mastiff died during a facelift aimed at making him "more attractive" to female mates.
"The skin of my dog's head was very flabby, so I wanted to cut part of his forehead and straighten the skin. And also in this way, his hair would look longer as the rear part of the head will have more hair," the man, who goes by the name Yu, told the Global Times.
"If my dog looks better, female dog owners will pay a higher price when they want to mate their dog with mine," he added, ever the reasonable pet owner.
The poor pup didn't make it through the surgery, suffering from a heart attack as a result of complications with the anesthetic, according to the Daily Mail.