Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"We are in our fifth straight year of trillion dollar annual deficits, and the president believes that – despite the Constitution – the power of deciding how much more debt the government can accumulate belongs to him instead of Congress. The president is asking for a blank check, and he wants Congress to abdicate power to him so he can raise the debt ceiling as he pleases. H.Res. 826 affirms the value of our three-part government, and the checks and balances that keep the pendulum from sticking in the liberal position. Giving the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling– without congressional authority– would be giving him power far beyond anything the Constitution intended. H. Res. 826 must be passed to remind the president that Congress will not surrender its power."  Introduced by John Fleming, M.D., U.S. Congressman

In addition, Congress needs to get its act together forcing the government to live within its means and abide by a balanced budget, just as we have to do in our personal and business activities.